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talent strategy

talent is the chemical way can cause the key to success, talent is the first resource of the chemical way can.

respect the play to improve returns

respect for two layer theory: the first layer is respect, respect for employees, the staff as way can chemical business cooperation partner. the second respect, is to create conditions for employees, allowing employees to reveal the talent, so that employees feel in the way can chemical work with dignity and a sense of achievement.

play, is way can chemicals pride; play, is also the way can chemical career success of the power. way can chemical to each employee a display platform, through the system guarantee, the assurance of organization, resource support, allow it to display their talents and skills. promotion way can chemical people tireless pursuit; ascension, also is the way can chemical give employees greatest wealth. no way can into chemical before, ability is not good, quality is not high, is the employee his own problems, and into the way can chemical this big family, we have the responsibility and obligation to help employees with promoting the staffs ability and quality. in return, is way can chemical to attract a significant step to return, and employees and companies to achieve win-win results. employee each pay can be given proper material or spiritual return, the more you pay, the return of the rich. staffs return, the more for the company to create the value.

we should respect labour, respect knowledge, respect talented person, respect creation and respect the fact.

respect for labor is the foundation and fundamental. labor is the most basic and the most important social practice, is the survival and development of human society, the fundamental prerequisite. labor creates the world, working to create the word can be chemistry, even created our human itself. respect knowledge, respect talented person, respect creation and respect facts, and respect labor has intrinsic, in essence, is the consistency of the respect

labor is the inevitable requirement of, especially the modern society is the inevitable requirement of labor. labor is the creation, no creation, labor is only simple repetition. create also can not get away from work, no work, create can only is be an armchair strategist. respect for labor and respect creation, without respect knowledge, respect talents and respect the fact.


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